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Next week the ValidSign Summer Release goes live

Next Thursday (7 July 2022) the ValidSign Summer Release will go live on the production environment. This means you still have 1 week to test in the Try environment and change any settings. Therefore we would like to inform you once again about the changes and the API-Documentation.

 The most important changes

  • The settings of the existing environment will be included in the update and the environments will be transferred "as is". 
  • The Frontend IP address, on which the application is running, will become The Backend IP address, from which ValidSign sends the mails to the mail servers and also sends the callbacks to the integration, will change to
  • We will change the hostname of the production environment from to 
  • Would you like to test whether the update affects your existing integration, but do not yet have an account in the Try environment? Request a test account now at
  • If specific functionalities are used (think of iDIN, qualified signing, etc.) please report this via We will then make these available in the Try environment (if this is not already the case).
  • The new API documentation is on The Integrator Guide (PDF version) is removed and the Developers page is updated with new articles.
  • The new REST API documentation can be found at This documentation will be made available at the regular URL during the production release.
  • New SDKs for JAVA and .NET applications can be downloaded from the page

Do you have any questions about this e-mail? You can reach us on working days from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at or by phone at 085 303 3676

Kind regards, 
The ValidSign team


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